Flutter Projects:

Simple Interest Calculator

Feb 2019
Simple Interest Calculator App :
  • Implemented Scaffold and MaterialApp Widgets.
  • Implemented Stateful Widget to dynamically change the UI as per User Input.
  • Calculate Button to Display the Maturity Amount after calculating the SI.
  • Implemented a reset button to clear the form fields.

No To Do App

Mar 2019
Keep Notes of What Not To Do :
  • Minimilastic UI to make note of what not to do.
  • SQFLite database to store the notes locally.
  • FAB to add new notes with a time-stamp.
  • Long Press Notes to update them.

Top Movies

Mar 2019 - Present
Top Rated Movies :
  • Data fetched from TMDB API.
  • Implemented Stack , Map and ListView Widgets to display the Movies.
  • Tapping on a particular movie re-routes to its details page.
  • Used Navigator and MaterialPageRoute to navigate between screens.
  • Used BoxDecoration and Image filtering to beautify the UI.

Android Projects:

Miwok Language App

Jun 2018 - Aug 2018
Miwok Learning :
  • App to educate about Miwok - an endangered native north american language.
  • It has both the Miwok and English versions of some basic words along with their appropriate pronunciations.
  • Includes Numbers,Colors,Phrases and Family members.
  • Used Implicit Intents , MediaPlayback , AudioFocus for much better user experience.

Quake Report App

Sep 2018 - Oct 2018
Earthquake App :
  • App to list the recent earthquakes around the world.
  • Made an API Request to the USGS Website to gather the required JSON response and parse the info accordingly.
  • Implemented a functionality to signify the severity of an earthquake by assigning different colors to magnitude limits.
  • Implemented a Settings tab to filter the earthquakes as per the user requirements of magnitude limit.

Django Projects:

Blog Website

Jan 2019
Blog :
  • A basic blogging website
  • Add,Edit and Delete blogposts via Admin Login
  • Hosted on pythonanywhere.com
  • Developed by following the Django tutorial hosted on Django Girls Tutorial.

E-Commerce Website

Jan 2019-Feb 2019
E-Commerce Website on Django. :
  • Add , delete and confirm items in cart and proceed to checkout for payment.
  • An order summary page displaying the items in cart, total price and user details.
  • Admin Panel built to display the order history.